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Loving Kindness Counseling, LLC

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Who I Am

I am  a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Counselor, Meditation Guide, Yoga Guide, EMDR Trained Practitioner and an Educator.

Why Work with the Subconscious?

The TRUTH of the matter is that changing a habit consciously JUST doesn’t work. We try time and time again, punishing ourselves when we go back to that “I shouldn’t, but I am doing this again,” thought.

That’s normal and there is no need to suffer any longer. The reason why it’s so difficult to change a habit using the power of will is because habits are created in the subconscious mind. So, we must use the subconscious mind to create better, healthier habits that will allow us to discover what we truly WANT.

I am a good fit for you if you seek to gain deeper self-awareness and insight, increase meaning and fulfillment in your life. In our sessions, I will stay curious in learning your processes and thought patterns as you discover them. We will join in partnership to set goals and create strategies to overcome the limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns of behavior that have integrated from societal pressures and myths.

We will create a “you” tailored approach to manifesting your most desired life.    

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My Services & Approach

Do you often feel like you are getting in the way of getting what you want?

My approach to therapy is a solution-focused one that discovers what stands in your way, such as: limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, or negative thoughts.
I can help you start changing the subconscious and conscious habits that leave you feeling stuck in life.


Give Yourself Another Chance

Whatever your reason for seeking out Psychotherapy, I’m dedicated to helping you find your way to better mental health.

Trauma Therapy

The Process of Healing

You’ll never know your full potential until you give yourself a chance. Trauma Therapy is only one way in which we can work together so you can have the peaceful and happy life you’ve always dreamed of. Hypnotherapy, EMDR and psychotherapy are all effective ways to process traumatic memories.


The Attention You Always Deserved

I believe that every single human being has a way to heal themselves. Hypnosis provides the perfect inner environment for you to heal your own memories, trauma, fears and blocks.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

Relieving Disturbances from Past Traumas and Discomforts

After a person experiences trauma, they often have a difficult time processing what happened. Disturbing events can get stuck in the brain in the form of images, thoughts, feelings and body sensations. EMDR helps individuals process their trauma, which can open the door to healing.

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