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Manifestation Hypnosis

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Hi, I am Zina. Who am I? I was a refugee kid. Although I was 7 when I arrived in the states, I carried the memories of chaos, rejection and uncertainty of where my family would live, what would become of us for years in my bones. My childhood felt isolating, frightening and unpredictable.
Because of the stress and trauma of this extreme childhood event, I suffered from many gut issues, self-esteem problems and severe anxieties. I went to primary care practitioners, psychiatrists and gastroenterologists to seek relief. I found none.

I spent most of my youth and young adulthood thinking that I needed to work on myself and that looking into my trauma was hard, painful work. I thought that going into a therapist's office meant I needed to cry and bear my shadow side: To weep and surrender to my past’s ugly woes.

I thought I was destined to suffer on a daily basis, until I discovered hypnosis. My hypnosis training opened my mind to the idea that the change process was more open than that. Once I embarked on my journey of integrating hypnosis and yoga as therapy in 2014, I realized that change could be an adventure, a journey of the imagination and the re-creation of my perceptions into the past to match a pleasant experience that I desired in my present.
I began using self-hypnosis in my day-to-day life to create those things I imagined to be fulfilling to me. I imagined the career I wanted, the friends, the partner, and the family life desired. I imagined my community I wanted to be part of and I used my entire body and all my senses to imagine those qualities of life. Little by little with the use of hypnosis, I have manifested my vividly imagined dream life.
My 10 month old baby girl and my wonderful partner in our pleasant home. In my career, I play everyday as I grow with my clients as part of my community creating their perfect image of how they want to live their most desired lives.
What my clients experience in teletherapy hypnosis visits is education around what hypnosis is and what it is not. Popular media created an image of a pendulum swinging and a mastermind taking control of a subject, and this is a myth of hypnosis. What hypnosis truly is is a focused state of relaxation in the body and mind, so that the nervous system can easily tap into a deeply relaxed, focused state of awareness or what in hypnosis we refer to as theta state of awareness.
This state creates the perfect landscape for our unconscious or autonomic nervous systems to process old trauma, examine limitations of belief systems and imagine a more useful way to view the world and create positive change in behaviors and thoughts to create useful habits.

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